Topicbox keeps your team connected, productive, and focused. Our new pricing makes it more accessible for remote teams.

Teams around the world are working remotely. Groups that you communicate with, from your workplace to your hobbies, are now organizing online. Topicbox enhances your email experience by allowing teams to share the most important emails easily, and to reference them quickly with a URL.

Email is the solution for meaningful remote work that we all need. It gives people control over when they work and time to craft thoughtful responses. Email documents our work, and if shared and stored smartly, they can be referenced again and again to save time and money.

As the need for remote productivity tools has increased, we’ve adjusted our pricing so that Topicbox is more accessible. If you're a Fastmail customer, you get 20% off!

It’s better than CC

If you’re using CC in traditional email, you must remember to add everyone on the team. Everyone has to remember to Reply All. If someone wants to unsubscribe, they can’t. Another person wants to be added or see the email, but it’s already been sent.

With Topicbox, is easy to reach a group at one email address. Group members can subscribe or unsubscribe, depending on a group’s settings. No one is left out, and your team is in control of the messages they receive.

Your organization never loses important messages. Group conversations are stored on the web for later reference and searching. You can read them in your inbox or only in Topicbox if you don’t want them in your inbox. Topicbox builds an archive of your most important emails for you.

It’s better than other group tools

Setting up new tools is stressful, but with Topicbox you don’t have to join another platform. In fact, you don’t need to go through the trouble of creating a new account or remembering login info. It works with any email platform you use, and any platform your outside vendors and clients use. Anyone can use it immediately.

Unlike chat tools, you don’t have to respond in real-time. Teams using Topicbox have the time to respond when they are online, during their shift, or when they begin work in their time zone. The pace of email includes all voices and encourages high-quality communication.

It’s modern

People working remotely need modern tools designed to make their life easier. Your workplace will be calmer, more organized, and ready for the future with he archive of emails that Topicbox builds automatically.

Use Topicbox to effectively manage today’s workforce. No matter where you work, Topicbox mobile apps keep you up-to-date on the most recent messages from your team. A slick interface on desktop and mobile apps gives teams the modern tools they need to excel.

Now it's more affordable

COVID taught our team that Topicbox is the secret to remote work. Everyone should be able to access the tools they need affordably, so we’ve lowered our pricing.

Emails are valuable team resources, but they can’t help the team if they’re in only one person’s inbox. For just $10/month, teams can start sharing. Up to 100 people in your member network can subscribe to groups. Topicbox is a great fit for your business, association, club, educational or membership organization.

For only $20/month, 50 people you work with—be it co-workers, clients, vendors, etc.—can share and find resources with Topicbox. Teams at this level get large file storage for attachments, can use their own domain (, and organization-wide search. Excellent customer support is included.

Check our straightforward, affordable pricing, and get started today.