Group communication innovations like Topicbox keeps productivity and morale high, without onboarding another new tool.

Your team is suddenly remote. Now what? The biggest difference between managing people remotely versus in-person is communication.

Keeping people connected is easier said than done. You probably have questions.

  • How can we communicate better if we can’t be face-to-face?
  • How can we adapt to change quickly?
  • How can I effectively mange people who are not online when I am because of various time zones or shifts?

You can’t over-communicate, but you can say something once

Your team has no idea what you’re thinking unless you say it. It’s best to say things over and over, to accentuate your point. That’s a lot on you, and now you have less in-person cues to assess general understanding.

But it's possible to say it once, actually, write it once, and get high-circulation and visibility for your point. Put it in an email that you can link out to using a URL. Post the link on Slack whenever there is any question, link to it in collaborative documents, or send it around again in an email.

Include any clients or vendors outside your organization by reaching them and the right team members with one email address.  It simplifies everything and it keeps everyone connected from anywhere.

Invest in the right tools that can be put in place immediately

People have trouble adjusting to change, and the world is rapidly changing right now. Tools that work well with ones you’re already using enhance your productivity ecosystem, without totally disrupting it.

Send or copy an email to Topicbox, and it gets shared with all the right people. Link back to this email to reference it again, and view it in your email or in Topicbox, where all your work is divided into neat categories that you create.

That’s it! Anyone can start using Topicbox instantly, without the pains of introducing a new tool.

Get the best work from remote teams

Times are most trying when you don’t know what to anticipate. COVID-19 could interrupt the workplace for sometime, but it doesn’t have to impact remote work or productivity generally.

To get the most from remote teams, set clear goals and expectations. Create groups in Topicbox for each department, project, or working group. Within groups, each topic thread concludes with decisions made. Now teams know what they are working on and where it stands right now.

As this is a global pandemic, people all around the world are now remote too. Slack only captures the ideas of people online right now, but it’s not inclusive of global teams. Emails work on a pace that includes everyone. Topicbox is enhanced email. It ensures more people can work together, regardless of their timezone or shift.

Protect your teams uninterrupted time

When facing new challenges, teams have to stay not only connected but supported. Too many, over-complicated tools cause unnecessary frustration. Tools that demand our attention are overwhelming. You don’t want your team to burn out right now.

Provide the sanity your team needs. Make it easy to find complete and helpful resources. Give them a break from the constant notifications of chat tools. Help them to focus on the critical work that requires dedicated time.

Topicbox is an asynchronous communication tool that lets your team be proactive, instead of reactive. Tools like this help us to adapt to a changing world. Try Topicbox free for 30-days. It can get you through challenging times and make the future brighter.