Many have heard the refrain, “Email is dead.”

But we’re here to tell you email is here to stay. Email gets things done. When it comes to better communication, email really is the new black.

Fashion is always changing

In the world of technology trendiness, email was the darling of data transmission for many years.

A timeless classic, it made your communication look good. Discussions appeared more stylish and having email at your own domain was oh so desirable.

But then, a few years ago, a messaging challenger emerged. Faster, seemingly slicker, and emoji-ed up. It even had a shorter, hipper name – chat. Chat was soon seen everywhere email used to be.

And then the unthinkable happened: email was pronounced dead.

Luckily for the billions of email users around the globe it turned out to be just another hoax, like crop circles or bonsai kittens.

Reliability never goes out of style

Email has remained popular all these years because it just works. It’s a proven platform that powers accessible communication the world over.

You don’t need the newest hardware or high-speed bandwidth for email to work. As long as you have an internet connection you can send and receive email messages. Everyone has an email address (and very few of us are looking for yet another place to check our messages).

And while it is true that instant chat programs are good for building team spirit and managing more urgent issues, it’s really not the best medium for meaningful conversations – discussions around your most important topics that require more considered thought.

That’s where Topicbox comes in, by helping you to get more value from the email content you are already creating everyday.

Email looks even better with Topicbox

Like a cluttered wardrobe, the problem with most people’s inbox is that it's hard to find what you're looking for.

With Topicbox, you create unlimited groups for every topic area – teams, projects or events. Keeping your information organized becomes effortless, as each group has its own email address. Discussions are all housed in one easy to see place – your Topicbox archive.

Topicbox then lets you search this archive to unlock the information that would otherwise be buried within your team’s email. Kind of like trying to find that again on-trend denim jacket long ago buried at the bottom of the closet.

Teams using Topicbox can choose to get their own copy of messages emailed. People can keep working the way they're used to, while adding a shared copy to ensure information is preserved and accessible. It works with your existing email program, or you can choose to use it exclusively on the web.

Email will always be on trend

The mere thought of losing email – a true internet icon – was enough for a new generation to see the shining beauty of this medium and have it reinstated as the King, or Queen, of Communication Cool.

True style is about honing your look, not taking on someone else's. If email is a staple for your organization, add Topicbox and build your archive as a stylish investment piece of your knowledge wardrobe for years to come.