Your team is full of experts, who are constantly sharing information. If you've ever gone digging through your old messages to find something you've already written, you know that tons of great information goes into email.

Imagine if you didn't just have the information you wrote, but an easy-to-search archive built by everyone who worked on a project or handled a client, now and in the past. How many gems would it include?

Introducing the concept of email transparency – the radical idea that teams do their best work if they default to sharing information.

Sharing is caring (and easy)

Topicbox makes sharing your knowledge practical. It's not asking you to write new information – it's making better use of the information your team is already producing, every time you send an email.

Of course, sharing your email indiscriminately is easy! You could just CC your mail to everyone on your team. But you would quickly drown the quality information in a sea of noise, and your team would run you out of town for exploding their inboxes. And new people joining a project still couldn't find answers to what they need.

Topicbox gives everyone the tools to share information the right way. Your organization can have as many groups as it needs – for every team, project, client or interest area, and then you just email (or CC) the group relevant to your message. The groups act as a filter – automatically categorizing the messages as they are sent, into separate caches for every project.

Every staff member can create new groups as needed. They can also manage which groups they want to join. Then Topicbox provides the delivery options that make it easy for teams to stay on top of this flow of information:

  • Important groups can have their messages sent immediately.
  • Interesting, but not urgent, groups can go into a Daily Summary, one email that lets members skim all the groups they want to see.
  • Information just needed for reference is kept out of email, but it's always available within your organization's Topicbox site.

Your organization's Topicbox site helps everyone find what they need quickly – people can scan recent messages in the News Center, review all the topics for a particular group, or search for a piece of information across all the organization's groups.

So start sharing your information without worrying about overwhelming or drowning people in a sea of CCs.

Topicbox lets your staff share their best information effortlessly, and build a robust, searchable archive for the future. Whether your organization is looking for full email transparency or a more translucent solution, Topicbox is here to help!

P.S. Thanks to Stripe for popularizing email transparency. You really inspired us.